Painting and Wallpapering Service
5 Reasons
why you should choose Scarci & Son
1. Experienced realiable craftsmen
Scarci & Son is a four generation family business with a combined 45 years of experience between Rick and Tony.
 Also our foreman, Sam, has 25 years of experience with
our company.
2. Honesty and Hard work
You can trust Scarci & Son on your property. Rick and/or
Tony will always be on every job site to insure safety and efficiency. We don't have middle-men, subs or crews.
We do the work ourselves.
3. Clean and Careful
Scarci and Son has made the committment to the customer to always clean our job sites daily. There will be no mess to deal with when you get home. We understand that a home is a sanctuary and we will try to be as unobtrusive as possible.
4. Punctuality
Scarci & Son is always on time. We stick to the schedule until the job is done. We don't jump around to other jobs and we don't make promises that we can't keep.
5. Fair
Scarci & Son believes in fair pricing. You as the customer, will get what you pay for. We will work with you and make sure
that you are satisfied when the job is complete.
Check out some of our work
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